This is my answers to their questions during our interview:
 Q: Why did you become an AIK supporter?
A: I believe all people is born as AIK supporters, but some people fail to understand this. For me, this revelation came almost 50 years ago when all my friends had different favorite teams. I bought a box of "Alfatabletter". In it, the player on the card was "Tjotta" Ohlsson. Lucky me it wasn't Valle Ek from Rċċ IF!
Q: Your advise to soccer supporters in Korea?
A: ALWAYS support you team - remember that they can't always win. And if they are on a losing streak, they will need your support even more!
Q: Your favorites among the players?
A: I have to put "Kurre" Hamrin up there, when you are a kid it is important to have idols and of course only the best will do. He won the top scorer award with 22 goals one year as a wing forward, which no "Rodent" done since.Then, until now, I have had the pleasure to watch Nebojsas unpredictable playing style and his fabulous goals.
Q: What do you say to people that supports other teams then?
A: I tell them that their moment of revelation will also come, but really - I find more important that you support any team than being totally ignorant towards soccer. I rather hear someone say that they support Malmö FF than saying "Soccer? That's just 22 men running after a ball"...
Q: You never miss a home game - how come?
A: Well, to be sure that I never miss any home game I always buy a season ticket to the West stand. Then I know that I will have a good seat with a good wiev all season - and I tend to buy a few extra season tickets so I can bring some good friends.
Q: But what does a true soccer supporter do between seasons?
A: Basically waiting and counting the days - now it's less that four months left until the season starts. Anyone waiting for Christmas as a kid knows the feeling! And to keep the worst longing away, I do my daily visits to Gnagarforum!
Small dictionary for this text:

AIK = Founded on 1891, Swedens largest and undoubtly best sports club.Text in 12 languages.
= the largest and best un-official forum on the Internet dedicated to AIK.All text in Swedish.
Nebojsa Novakovic
= Retiring this year from AIK, this chain-smoking (!!!) player originally from Yugoslavia had the ability to make incredible things all by himself and make the opponents dizzy - who else than "Nebo" would CHIP the ball over the FC  Barcelona goalkeeper in Champions League?!?
= AIK's local rival, founded in 1897 and notorius not to have won anything until this year. All text in Swedish.
= Small box of candy pastills, huge in the 1950's and with great nostalgic value for those who was young then. The first example of smart marketing in Sweden: In each box there was a card on Swedish soccer player.
Ingvar "Tjotta" Ohlsson
= AIK player, top scorer three years in the 1950's
Valle Eek
= Player in Rċċ IF in the 1950's.
Rċċ IF
= Once playing in the first division, this small club from south Sweden is now found in the lower regional divisions.
Kurt "Kurre" Hamrin
= One of the greatest AIK players ever, "Kurre" played five seasons for AIK in the 1950's before becoming professional for Juventus 1955-57, Padova 1957-58, Fiorentina 1958-67, Milan 1967-69 och Napoli 1969-71, winning the Cup Winners Cup with Fiorentina (and being the teams second best all time goal scorer, after Gabriel Batistuta) and the Italian championship and the European Cup (predecessor to the Champions League) with Milan. Also scored a unfortgetable goal vs. W. Germany in the World Cup 1958.
= nickname for someone playing in or supporting AIK. The origin of the nickname goes back to the 1920's:
AIK was then a very poor club and their black team shirts had to be washed over and over again - ending up being more "rat-grey" than black. Adding on to this, in the 1928-29 season some sport journalists wrote that "AIK was gnawing like rodents to win every game". "Gnaget" ("The ones that gnaw") is therefore the nickname for AIK as a club.
Malmö FF
= Classic football club from south Sweden.
Migggs, multipel = Thanks